“Hot Box!” 3






Paris Love & Alexandria Hamilton don sexy bra-&-panties w/ lingerie to square-up in this 3rd installment of the hard-hitting MMW series, ‘Hot Box!’!  Both ladies are fresh off of wins and both are looking to climb the rankings toward MMW Gold.  The bell rings and this fight is underway!  Tons of back-&-forth action as the ladies swing for the fences, both on the hunt for the other’s chin, both throwing haymakers!  Jabs, uppercuts, body shots, hooks, combos and belly punches, each lady kisses the canvas in this multi-knockdown, instant-classic!  A final big-right hand sends the weaker woman plummeting to the MMW canvas for the final time!  Awarding the winner, the 10-count and victory pose!  Which lady will take the day’s W?  Download to find out!




Length: 09:42

Size: 1 GB