“The Drago Effect!”


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This Video contains TWO, full length, 10 minute matches, plus footage from Tovah Nick’s devastating beating at the hands of KK as well as sexy POV footage of Alexandria gearing up for her battle with KK Qing!

What a tale, After watching KK destroy Tovah, Alexandria is out for revenge. Challenging KK to a match Alex pummels the amazon queen with jabs, bopping her head around like a speed bad, KK eats canvas and the first match is over! Alex is in the phone, bragging about the beating she fed KK, letting everyone know if KK wants the Gold Gloves Alex stripped off of her, back, then she would have to fight her again. Time for a rematch! Again, KK is destoyed ans humiliated in painful passions as Alex uses her face as a catchers mtt for her punishing jabs! Kl has no chance as Alex again topples the Amazon! Will KK be able to accept this? Or is she still convinced she is the queen? Enjoy SEXY POVs of Alex in her panties as she gears up in between each match!


Length: 23:55

Size: 1.67 GB