“The Drago Effect!” 2






What a tale, what a saga!  After her definitive wins over KK Qing, every lady wants to challenge Alex to see if they can solve the strikers puzzle, but none have been able to drop her.  Today, Alex is on the phone, reminiscing about her past opponents, flashbacks of the women she has defeated grace the screen as she prepares to take on Andi.  Andi is making waves and is on a big win streak.  Will Andi be the woman who finally topples Alex?  Alex trains with Athena, beating her poor partner senseless in preparation.  Athena is upset about how hard Alex went on her and demands a match.  Alex agrees but only if Athena will wear whatever Alex requests.  A sexy training montage hits and before we know it, it is fight day!  Andi enters very confident, but her cockiness is soon diminished as Alex feeds her a steady diet of jabs, pulverizing the sexy blondes face and absolutely outclassing and embarrassing her taller opponent in striking.  Boom!  Andi is down and out.  A 10-count and victory pose seals the night and Alex is victorious.  Days pass and Alex is in the ring demolishing Athena.  Athena, having agreed to box Alex in whatever attire Alex chose, is in a bra and thong panties, against the ropes, helpless and eating jab-after-jab, Alexandria’s phone rings and she lays out Athena and takes the call, casually talking as the woman she knocked out lays face down thong up.  Alex takes a call from Andi, who is upset with her poor performance and demands a rematch.  A cocky Alex pitches Andi the same deal, wear what I want, and I’ll fight you.  Andi agrees.  Back to the MMW ring.  Alex enters clad in black trunks and ready to beat the brakes off of Andi.  Andi enters in a satin robe, she drops it to reveal her sexy, white bra and thong panties with matching thigh high garters!  The bell rings and not much has changed as poor Andi is again, battered around the ring, unable to lay a glove on Alex, she is reduced to a panty-clad punching bag before a final uppercut lays her out for her second loss in a row!  Match, Alexandria.  Which lady will step up next?




Length:  34:18

Size:  3.52 GB