“The Champ is Here!”






Jezabel Romo and Athena Law out it all on the line in this epic battle for the MMW Title! Defending MMW Champion Jezabel Romo climbs through the ropes to defend her belt against MMW Bad Girl, Athena Law! No love loss here as these two battle right from lockup with strikes, slams, chokes, and submissions! Center ring, in the corners, off the turnbuckles, and in the ropes, emotions run high as the hair fly’s in a match filled with Punches, kicks, stomps, belly punches, hair pulling, snap mares, body slams, back breakers, camel clutches, Boston crabs, sleeper holds, scissor holds, bear hugs, low blows, pedigrees, face busters, stunners, clotheslines, chops, and much, MUCH more! Who will walk out of the MMW dojo with the MMW title? “And still”? Or, “And new”!?




Length: 14:18

Size: 1.48 GB