“The Boxing Quest!”






It’s USA Vs. Mexico when Athen and Alex don gear of their respective countries to see who produced the superior striker!  What a back-&-forth!  Tons of flurries and exchanges as the two-women fight for the pride of their land, sending jabs, body shots, uppercuts and belly punches, launching onslaught-after-onslaught at one another!  Tons of give-&-take action!  Against the ropes, in the corners and center ring, the hair is flying, and the heads are snapping.  Eventually, the weaker woman begins to fade, as her hands drop and her breathing deepens, the superior striker takes advantage and turns up the heat, feeding the weaker woman a final barrage of punishment before putting her away with a final KO blow, awarding her the 10-count, W, and victory pose!  Which land will reign supreme in this instant-classic battle?  Download to find out!




Length: 12:55

Size: 1.32 GB