“Tagwondo!” 3






Alexandria Hamilton and Sugar have returned to defend their Tag Team Titles!  Today, Platinum Fury and Dolly Prescott take their shot at the belts and take on the undefeated team in an instant-classic, back-&-forth tag team battle filled with all the chaos that makes tag team wrestling an MMW staple!  Lots of give-&-take action with the teams going back-&-forth in control!  Boston crabs, hair pulling, low blows, flying elbows, pedigree, clothesline, boxing, dirty tactics, 2 vs 1, bonzai drops, back breakers, belly punching, bearhugs and more!  Which team will be laid out side by side for the final double leg-hook pin and victory pose?  Download to find out!




Length: 09:08

Size: 980 MB