“Handled!” 11







Constance welcomes Andi to the MMW ring by feeding the sexy wrestler a beatdown that she will never forget!  Andi, undefeated, suffers her first loss, and what a humiliating loss it was as her smaller opponent, Constance, takes early control and never lets up, pummeling poor Andi around the MMW ring and battering her with a series of strikes, slams and submissions!  Andi has no answer for Contance’s onslaught of punishment.  Vicious hair pulling, scissorholds, camel clutch, lotus lock, facesitting, schoolgirl pin, camel clutch, scissorholds, corner work, rope work, arm locks, guillotine, bow and arrow, headlocks, ankle locks, boston crab and more!  What a squash match!  How much punishment will Constance dish out before she finishes Andi with the final KO and victory pose?  Download to find out!




Length: 11:17

Size: 1 GB