“Hair Pulling Bully!” 2






Bra and Panty-clad, Alexandria Hamilton, takes on bikini-clad Platinum Fury in what she expected to be a fair wrestling contest, but instead is treated to a humiliating beatdown from the California Muscle Barbie in which Platinum focuses on her sexy thicc counterparts, long, thick dark hair!  Platinum destroys Alex by pulling, ripping, tugging and yanking on her long hair!  From giving Alex a ponytail to digging in at the roots, Alex is ripped around by her hair and tormented with agonizing hair pulling hold-after agonizing hair pulling hold!  Bending, twisting and arching Alex by her thicc mane!  Reduced to suffer her beating in only her bra and panties, Platinum makes sure to give hair pulling fans what they want, reducing her strong opponent to whimpering mess!  Match, Platinum Fury!




Length: 05:52

Size: 609 MB