Irene Silver and Platinum Fury gear up to face off against Alexandria Hamilton and Athena Law in this insanely hot, classic Jobber vs Heel, Tag Team massacre!  Irene and Platinum are in way over their heads, and it is apparent as Alex and Athena feed the girls a painful, humiliating beating filled with strikes, slams, submissions, dirty tactics, and more!  Pedigrees, stunners, and facebusters.  Vicious hair pulling, scissorholds, leg locks, Boston crab, camel clutches, back breakers, double teaming, corner work, rope work, low blows, sleeperholds, matchbook pins, and SO much more.  A final, never before seen, double KO move ends the night for the team of Irene and Platinum as one member is made to KO her teammate while stuck in an agonizing figure 4 leg, and headlock!  A MUST see!




Length:  17:22

Size: 1.8 GB