An argument between Platinum Fury and Athena Law turns in to a full blown brawl, which turns into a full blown humiliating multi KO beatdown for Athena Law! Platinum in her Bikini, Athena in her panties, The match begins with trash talk, punches, splashes, but quickly Platinum Fury takes over, locking on a crushing reverse headscissor! Platinum enjoys playing with her Jobber’s bare feer, and mocking the weaker woman, continuing her assault with more scissorholds, chokeslams, sleepers, and more! Athena is a snoring mess with her tongue hanging out, Platinum cannot help but humiliate the weak woman even further by taking selfies with Athena, and playing with her toes and bare feet. What a sexy beatdown, Platinum proves once again why she is the new force in MMW and that Athens is just another sexy Jobber!



Length: 09:19

Size: 1 GB