“Butchered!” 2







Machine Gun Nicki returns to claim another Hamilton scalp as she batters Lizzy Hamilton around the ring in dominating fashion!  Straight from the lockup MGN imposes her will on the thick, blonde, California Queen!  Tons of humiliating tactics, and stiff wrestling as MGN launches an assault full of punches, kicks, stomps, vicious hair pulling, submissions, slams, and more!  Ripping Lizzy to her feet by her blonde hair over and over, MGN has no care as she yanks Lizzy to her feet by her leotard, exposing the Milfs panties at times, but she has no care for treating Lizzy with any decency as she pummels her with camel clutches, back breakers, matchbook pins, schoolgirl pins, surfboards, hammerlocks, pedigrees, stunners, facebusters, belly punching, corner work, rope work, multiple hairpulling submissions, clotheslines, sleeperholds, low blows, and more!  It is a beating for the ages, and served hot for a jobbertastic Lizzy Hamilton!




Length: 08:31

Size: 877 MB