“The Crimson Heel!”






General Silver (Irene Silver) storms the MMW dojo, looking for her quickest route to a match with Athena Law, and MMW Gold! First, she needs to make ir through former MMW Champion, and America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton! It’s the USSR Vs. USA in this instant classic, back and forth, smash mouth battle! Both women representing their homes, both on a quest to be Champion. The match begins and the action never stops! So much back and forth action, classic women’s wrestling at it’s best! Punches kicks, stomps, hair pulling, total animosity! Slams, submissions, and more! There is just too much on the line to give your opponent an inch! Watch as these ladies exchange headlocks, boston crabs, camel clutches, rope work, corner work, clotheslines, scissorholds, pedigrees, slingshots, bulldogs, low blows, and SO much more! Finally, it takes some dirty tactics from one participant to gain the edge! Using a vodka bottle and a sledgehammer one woman destroys the other, busting her open and giving her the ever pro wrestling classic crimson mask! The weaker woman is done for, laid out the victor gains the pinfall and the win! Which lady is one win closer to the ultimate clash with MMW BadGirl Athena Law!?




Length: 12:56

Size: 1 GB