Two bitter rivals!  The two local girls that always want to be considered the home-town hero, are set to face each other, yet again!  Alex and Athena are in full pro-gear and ready to display their skills!  Alex is ready for a fierce, back-&-forth battle, but has to settle for a humiliating, lop-sided beatdown as Athena takes her time battering sexy Alex from pillar to ring-post, punishing America’s BEST Jobber with vicious hairpulling, trash talk, punishing blows, painful submissions and ring-shaking slams!  Surfboard, bow-&-hairrow, camel clutch, pedigree, snap mares, ddt, bonzai drop, corner splashes, low blows, clotheslines, back breaker, corner work, rope work, and MUCH more!  From Athena using Alexandria’s beautiful face to wipe the canvas, t0 tying up her favorite PAWG in the ropes, how much punishment can one woman take?  A final series puts Alex flat on her back for the leg-hook pin and victory pose!  Match, Athena Law!




Length: 10:06

Size: 1 GB