“Pro Mauler!”






Athena Law has done it all.  Won both the MMW Boxing and Wrestling titles, won numerous Pantyhose Wrestling titles and several NorCal Kumite tournaments.  She has nothing left to prove and today, her only goal is to humiliate and punish her opponent!  Alex makes her way to the ring, Athena by no means needs to prove her superior skills over Alex, having defeated the Ultra-PAWG several times.  No, today, Athena is going to pay attention to Alexandria’s sexy, bikini clad, DD chest!  Athena wastes no time attacking Alex’s big, round, breasts!  Clawing, twisting, squeezing and jiggling her opponent’s chest for the sole sake to break the hot MILF’s wrestling spirit!  In the corners, mounted on the canvas, on the ropes, and center ring, Athena destroys Alexandria’s sexy boobs, punishing them with punches, ripping them apart with claws, and squeezing them til’ Alex cries out, again and again!  How much torment can one woman take, and will Athena every get tired of pulverizing handfuls of Alex?  Download to find out!




Length:  14:53

Size:  1.51 GB