“Pride Fighting!”


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What a fight! Andrea Rosu steps in to the ring to square up with her fellow Bay Area counterpart, Nicole Oring, in a sexy, hard hitting, submission filled, MMA showdown! Both girls go ball to the wall as they throw strike after strike! Jabs, Hooks, uppercuts, belly punches, and devastating kicks! The hair is flying and the heads are snapping as each girl dishes out, and takes a fair share of punishment! Against the ropes, in the corners, the two combatant fight in the clinch, throwing hard, deep knees in to each others vulnerable midsections! These gals mean serious business as they battle back and forth, each girl scoring a take down for a vicious ground & pound beating on their opponent. Rear naked chokes, arm triangles, and guillotine chokes bend, twist and choke the girls war torn bodies as they continue their epic battle, each girl looking for the KO! Finally, one woman proves superior, and too much for her opponent as a final soccer kick lays one girl out, flat on her back, and KO’d! Which girl will walk away the first MMW, MMA victor?



Length: 10:24

Size: 1.08 GB