“PAWG Punisher!”







Jewellz shows up to the MMW dojo to lay a swift beatdown on Alex, and my goodness does she hit the mark!  Alex never lays a glove on Jewellz as Jewellz dances around peppering poor Alexandria’s gorgeous face with jab after jab, and hook after hook, beating the sexy PAWG into a stumbling mess!  Alex keeps her hands up but still eats a steady diet of Jewellz gloves.  Head snap after head snap, against the ropes, in the corners, and center ring, Jewellz absolutely OWNS Alexandira is damn-near humiliating fashion.  A final flurry followed by a HUGE right send Alex to the canvas for the last time as Jewellz gets the 10-count and the win, she celebrates above Alexandria’s KO’d body, jumping for joy, causing the entire ring, and Alexandria SEXY body to SHAKE!  Match, Jewellz!


Length: 10:26

Size: 1 GB