“Panty Pro Wrestling!” 4






It’s the 4th installment of the MMW Panty Pro Wrestling series, and today Paris Love has traveled from Las Vegas to challenge MMW CEO, and America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton to a Panty Pro Wrestling Match!  Alex accepts, but first she must gear-up!  Standby as Alex slips out of her dress, revealing her thong panties and bra, and into the day’s attire, Pink Satin Full Back Panties, Pink Bra, Knee Pads, Wrist Bands, and bare feet!  The ladies make their entrances, the bell rings, and this match is on!  Paris wastes no time establishing her dominance as she locks on a painful standing guillotine straight from the lock-up!  This sets the tone for the beating America’s BEST Jobber is about to endure!  Paris dominates Alex in convincing, and humiliating fashion!  Vicious hair pulling, ring shaking body slams, painful submissions, and devastating strikes!  Poor Alex has no answer for Paris as she endures beating after beating, repeatedly being ripped to her feet by her hair to endure more punishment!  Pedigree, stunner, snap mares, camel clutches, surfboard, bow and arrow, steiner recliner, back breaker, back breaker hairpull, scissorholds, hammerlocks, crippler crossface, rings of saturn, bearhugs, leg locks, arm locks, rope work, corner work, low blows, body slams, clotheslines, belly punches, and TONS more!  What a beatdown!  A final skull crusher and sleeperhold put Alex on her back in place for the perfect leg-hook pin!  Match, Paris Love.  A final victory pose from the winner before she exits, as Alex is reduced to stumbling out in the ultimate walk of shame!




Length: 22:40

Size: 2 GB