“MAGA Beatdown!”





Alex has arrived at the MMW dojo early so she can watch the President’s rally.  She began to gear up, but is just too hyped to concentrate.  What Alex isn’t aware of, is Antifa loyal Athena Law waiting behind the ring entrance curtain.  Alex is beginning to undress, revealing her bright white MAGA booty shorts, tucked snuggly in her round bottom,  when Athena sneaks up from behind,  hitting Alex over the head with a nightstick!  Alex drops to her knees dazed,  Athena whips out her Nun-chucks, striking a woozy Alex back and forth across the face.  Alex is about done and the fight has not even reached the canvas!  Athena tosses Alex into the ring and enters behind her.  From this moment on you witness the complete SQUASH of Alex! As Antifa takes its time DOMINATING the MAGA warrior!  Crotch stomps, face strikes, belly punching, choking, sleeper holds, smothers, foot domination, wedgies, corner work, rope work, trampling, pile driver, stunner, ddt, guillotine, head scissor, matchbook!  My goodness Alex takes the beating of her life.  Athena finds a Kendo Stick under the ring, and naturally, uses it to batter and beat poor Alex, who lay sprawled on the MMW canvas!  Hammerlocks, surfboards, hair pulling, eye gouges, fish hooks, splashes, snap mares and a leg breaking figure 4 leg lock!  Athena holds a wobbly Alex steady on her knees, while using her MAGA hat to mercilessly bitch slap her gorgeous face silly, back and forth!  Mocking Alex at how red her face is after the slaps!   Antifa reigns supreme today, as MAGA will have more than just wounds to lick after this beat down, but a SHATTERED, non repairable ego to sweep up!  Athena uses Taser to reduce Alex to a convulsing pile of jobber rubble!  Athena empty’s Alex purse, going through her wallet, first taking credit cards, and using Alexandria’s Mouth, forehead, and ASS, to slide the card! Humiliating a destroyed Alex!  Athena takes all of Alexandria’s cash, spreading it around the ring, even lighting Alex’s money on fire!  Burning Alexandria hard earned money to ash, right in front of her!  Athena straddles Alex, telling her her disgust for capitalism, then, mocking Alexandria’s “Taste for money”  Athena proceeds to stuff Alexandria’s face with cash!  Filling her jobbers mouth, Athena flips Alex to her belly, straddling her for a sleeper hold!  Alex is about out, but Athena is not done!  Again getting the taser and tasing Alexandria’s poor face!  The match concludes with a KO’d Alex, posed ass in the air, bottoms stuffed with cash, and her booty wearing a MAGA hat!  Not a good look for a wrestler’s students to see.


Length: 26:10

Size: 1.85 GB