“A Heel’s Meal!”




What a BEATING!  Blonde Amazon Bombshell, Awesome Laney Dawson came with the fire today!  Because she just obliterated America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton in convincing, dominating, and HUMILIATING fashion!
It’s a classic Blonde Vs. Brunette showdown as both ladies suit up in HOT Pro Wrestling Gear!  Each woman donning a SEXY, Shiny, Thong leotard, complete with boots and pads!  Each combatant enters confident, dropping their robes to reveal their cheeky attire, but its Alex who is beaming ear to ear, confident in a win against Laney, who is coming off two KO losses, whereas Alex is fresh off two KO victories!  Alex should not have underestimated her blonde counterpart, as Laney lays down a MERCILESS, 18 minute BEATING of poor Alexandria!  Utilizing every move she can think of, while mixing it up with body folding belly punches, and nose breaking strikes to the face!  From the initial lockup, it’s Laney with a knee to the midsection that sets the tone, and Alex up for a total SQUASH!  Corner beat downs, Rope work, splashes!  Tangled in the ropes, outside ring brawling, humiliating wedgies and ass slaps!   Laney holds nothing back as she throttles the gorgeous brunette like a grizzly playing with a rag doll!  Scalping Hair pulling, chokes, nose wrenches, HUMILIATING piggy nose clutches!  Matchbook variant moves, sleeper holds, head slammed to turnbuckles, face slammed to mat, snap mares, boa constrictor, hand smothers!  Laney makes sure to leave a lasting footprint, and impression on Alexandria’s pathetic ego as she continues with bootyful belly punches sending Alexandria’s blue thong clad round bottom LUNGING and bouncing towards the MMW camera!  Mega Gut punishment shakes not only the MMW ring, but also Alexandria’s lovely booty cheeks as Laney keeps control and takes pleasure mocking, taunting, degrading, and trash talking a beaten silly Alex!  Holding her by the face, squishing her cheeks, gripping her by the bangs of her hair, ensuring Alex make unwilling direct eye contact as Laney mocks and tells Alex how bad she is being beaten.  Laney isn’t finished, while a moaning, groaning, whimpering Alex begs and pleads for the abuse to stop, however Laney is having none of it,  Holding up Alexandria’s head by the hair, showcasing her beaten face, Laney slaps on several modified ring apron head scissors!  Matchbook head scissors as Alex lovely round bottom points straight to the rafters!  Laney flips Alex on her back, securing a standing head scissor, Laney grabs a gob of Alexandria’s hair, and holding her jobber’s head steady, proceeds to send TEN, face busting punching straight to poor Alexandria’s once gorgeous face!  Alex is pulled back in the ring for more punishment, consisting of more agonizing torment, Body scissors, dragon sleepers, surfboards, Leg Spreads! camel clutches, strikes and chokes!  Laney sets Alex in the corner for a marathon on crotch busting soccer kick LOW BLOWS!  Followed by a HUMILIATING stink face as Laney serves Alex her pink shiny thong clad booty for brunch!  Alex is beside herself, punch silly and bewildered from head blows.  Laney continues beating on Alex, securing a skull crusher that sends Alex into a cross eyed convulsing fit!  Laney slaps on a back breaker and its all over for Alex, as she screams and grunts out a desperate verbal submission, “I give!” Alex yells, Laney releases her and Alex hits the canvas like a bag of hammers, just to add insult to injury Laney slaps on a leg hook pin, counting her own 3 count, and picking up quite possibly the most decisive win of her MMW career!  Laney stands and uses Alexandria’s limp, beaten body as a footstool for her triumphant victory pose!  Flexing her arm above the battered pile.of jobber she just dominated. Match, AWESOME Laney Dawson!
Length: 19:57
Size: 1.40 GB