“The Quest!” Pt. 3: USA Vs. Mexico





Representing the USA we have America’s BEST Jobber! Alexandria Hamilton!  And representing the Nation of Mexico, it’s the one, and only, Shelly Martinez!  Sparks are sure to fly and tensions are running high as these two women step in to the ring to face each other!  Pride of Nation is on the line, and both ladies are fresh off of BIG wins!  The two combatants lock up, and from the opening bell its a hard fought back and forth.  The women go balls to the wall exchanging punches, kicks, and low blows!  Just when one seems to get the upper hand, the other reverses.  What a give and take battle we have!  The ring shakes as Alex and Shelly battle back and forth, neither willing to give up!  Heads to turnbuckles!  Bouncing of the ropes!  Trash Talk! The ladies swing for the fences as heads are snapping and hair is flying! The sound of slaps and kicks echo in the MMW dojo!  Hair is pulled, bodies are slammed!  Battle cries and painful cries escape each wrestlers lungs!  Backs are bent, egos are pushed to the brink of crumbling!  Camel clutches, sleeper holds, neck wrenches, snap mares!  Each woman getting her licks in, looking for the big “W”, not just for themselves, but for their Countries!  The battle spills outside of the ring and back inside to the canvas!  Finally, after a long, hard fought fight,  a stunner seals the fate of one woman!  Which Flag will fly high and proud when this epic fight is over?


Length: 11:43

Size: 1.22 GB