“Low Blow the Pro!”




Nicole Oring makes her MMW debut by shocking the wrestling community with a brutal beat down of Awesome Laney Dawson.  Laney seems to be all business, and without a care in the world as she is heavily favored to win this match.  However, that confidence is dashed to pieces at the opening bell.  The two ladies go to lock up, but Nicole sends a low blow kick straight between Laney’s legs, Bulls Eye! Laney drops to her knees, but is unable to crumble to the canvas as Nicole holds her hostage by a handful of blonde hair, and begins to utterly destroy poor Laney with horrific, devastating low blows!  Huge soccer kicks pummel poor Laney as Nicole continues her vicious assault on the gorgeous blonde PAWG jobber.  Nicole spends the duration of the match  dominating Laney with agonizing holds including surf board holds, head scissors, scalping hair pulls, hard, deep belly punches, chin smashing uppercuts, side head scissors, pedigree, soccer mom strangle, sleeper holds and more!  Nicole uses the corners, ropes, and even fly’s from the turnbuckles, putting Laney face down canvas, all the while paying special attention to Laney’s bottom half.  Using stomps, soccer kicks, and a variety of strikes to pummel and brutalize Laney with humiliating low blows.  A final KO gives Nicole the win.  Pinning Laney’s limp body for the 3 count, and posing her ass up, knee to chest, and using Laney’s round bottom as a foot stool for her well deserved, dominant victory pose!  Welcome, Nicole Oring!


Length: 12:26

Size: 1.29 GB