“Cry Baby Dolly!”





Alex comes home to find Dolly going through her private belongings. Furious Alex manages to cuff Dolly, and so the torture begins! We fade in with Alex dragging a handcuffed bound Dolly in to her front room by the hair. Alex spends her time humiliating and dominating a helpless Dolly. Vicious hair pulling, fish hooks, eye gouges, and eye rakes, and pulverizing stomps soften up Dolly. Alex is far from done, as she circles a balling, begging Dolly, who is frantically trying to convince Alex that there is no underlying reason for her spying. Alex continues beating Dolly, finally un-cuffing the jobber, but only to torture her further with agonizing submission holds. Dolly is bent, twisted, choked, and struck mercilessly. Mangled with more clutches, belly punches and belly torture, scratches, face slams, scissors, bow and arrow, back breakers, sitting hangman hair pulls, and much more. The assault continues until Dolly is literally forced to run away. Leaving Alex to relish in the torment she just inflicted on newcomer Dolly Prescott!


Length: 10:21

Size: 1.07 GB