“Losers Weepers!”





Constance the jobber gets put on full display as she steps in to the MMW ring to face the famous MMW Terror herself, Sugar! This is a squash match lovers dream as Sugar mercilessly pulverizes Constance in humiliating fashion. Constance is ripped up and down by the hair, and beaten from pillar to ring post as Sugar pummels the gorgeous jobber with strikes, submissions, chokes, and good old fashioned, pro style bully wrestling! Constance, clad head to toe in bright white jobber gear, is like a kastmaster in open water as Sugar stalks her from corner to corner, punishing her with hard, deep belly punches, camel clutches, fish hooks, eye gouges, hair pulling, back breakers, skull crushers, corner work, rope work, stomps, low blows, crotch splitter’s, body scissors, rear naked chokes, reverse head scissors, side head scissors, schoolgirl pins, reverse schoolgirl pins, standing head scissors, bear hugs, belly sits, bitch slaps, uppercuts, and more! Constance, laid to complete waste, is a cross eyed, grunting, moaning, groaning mess as she succumbs to Sugars clearly superior strength, selling an award worthy jobber performance! A final sleeper hold sends a convulsing, gasping Constance to loser land, where KO’d bodies, and sexy soft bellies are just foot rests for the stronger women, to flex over. The superior fighters, the winners. Constance, laid out, defeated, and dominated, acts as a rug under Sugar’s victory pose! Match, Sugar!



Length: 16:31

Size: 1.72 GB