“Harley Hamilton!” 7





Harley Hamilton is so happy to have bikini clad Dolly Prescott to prey on today. Dolly, unaware of the carnage Harley is capable, and fond of, and is all smiles as she stands across the ring from a Shiny, purple, thong leotard clad, Harley! The two lock up and Harley sends a huge knee in to Dolly’s soft belly, lifting the woman off her feet and sending her plummeting to the canvas! It’s time for Harley to do what she does best. Destroy! Dolly is decimated with old school, grind house, bully wrestling! Boots, stomps, hammer fists, hair pulling, submission holds, chokes, trash talk, and plenty more! Harley takes her time slowly smashing Dolly into a whimpering mess! Back breakers, eye gouges, camel clutches, belly punching, corner work, rope work, and low blows are just a few tactics Harley uses to leave her stamp on Dolly. A final sleeper hold seals this contest, Dolly, loser. Match, Harley Hamilton!



Length: 08:05

Size: 858 MB