“Jaw Dropper!” 2






Sushii is fresh off of a big KO victory over MMW CEO, Alexandria Hamilton.  Full of energy and wanting to ride the wave, she challenges former MMW Boxing Champion and devastating striker Athena Law!  Sushii enters as the heavy underdog, with Athena having experience in Championship matches, as well as besting some of the toughest chicks in the industry!  Giving up a decent height advantage, Sushii manages to shock the industry by utterly pummeling and humiliating Athena in one of Athena’s most painful and humiliating defeats, ever!  Athena seems to be unable to lay a glove on Sushii, rallying at times and connecting with little force, only to eat shot-after-shot, flurry-after-flurry, and onslaught-after-onslaught of painful, stiff punishment!  Multiple knockdowns with each lady tasting canvas, however it is Athena who gets well acquainted with the mat as Sushii sends her there several times!  How could this woman have been a champion, looking like a complete rookie eating jabs, body shots, uppercuts and belly punches, deep belly punches, making Athena’s sexy bottom and pink satin panties shake on impact!  A final KO haymaker ends the night for the former champ, awarding Sushii the KO, victory pose, and SERIOUS bragging rights!




Length:  14:50

Size: 1.51 GB