“ISO Jobber!”






Fiesty Feminista returns to the MMW Ring to once again destroy her favvorite, phat butt, NorCal jobber, Alexandria Hamilton!  What a beatdown!  Fiesty is relentless as she batters her sexy PAWG from pillar to ring post, punishing the local milf with a barrage of pro-style action!  Vicious hair pulling as Fiesty repeatedly rips Alex to her feet by gobs of her thick dark hair to inflict more pain on the poor jobber!  Belly punches, pedigree, body slams, bow and arrow, camel clutch, skull crushers, bearhugs, back breakers, corer work, rope work, and so much more!  Fiesty’s strength is unmatchable!  A final sleeperhold puts Alex down for an incredibly sexy leg hook pin and victory pose!  Match, the beautiful and powerful Fiesty Feminista!



Length: 13:20

Size: 1 GB