“Jobber Clobber!” 5







It’s the ultimate blonde vs brunette clash as blonde, black thong leotard clad, California muscle barbie, Platinum Fury, climbs through the MMW ropes to lock up with white thong leotard clad, Supermilf, Ultra-PAWG, MMW CEO, and America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton!  In what was thought would a fierce back-and-forth battle turns out to be a sexy showcase on a blonde utterly dominating her brunette jobber as Platinum launches an all-out assault of brutal punches and stomps, ring shaking slams, and painful submissions!  Alexandria is helpless as she endures camel clutches, boston crabs, surfboards, back breakers, vicious hairpulling, devastating power drivers, pedigree, stunner, bearhug, bow and arrow, low blows, rope work, corner work, and much more!  A final KO puts Alex flat on her back for a super-hot leghook pin followed by a dominating victory pose!  How much punishment can our phat bottom jobber takes before she succumbs to her foes superior strength?  Download to find out!



Length: 11:26

Size: 1 GB