Athena Law eats one of the stiffest beatings she has ever encountered in the MMW Boxing Ring when she Gloves & Bikini’s up to go toe-to-toe with the undefeated Zodiac Queen!  Athena is a former champ herself and is no stranger to a wide range of competition, always relying on her speed and accuracy.  Zodiac brings cider blocks for hands, and immense KO power!  Athena needs to use her feet and avoid those haymakers.  The bell rings and this match is on!  VERY early Athena gets caught, BOOM!  A big right jab sends her stumbling!  Zodiac pounces and proceeds to spend the duration of the match sending shockwaves through the MMW roster by utterly brutalizing Athena Law!  Athena tries, with little effort, for ward off the assault, sending strikes of her own to no effect into Zodiac’s Jaw, but the Queen shrugs them off and continues to hone-in on Athen’s beautiful, (now swollen) face, and soft, sexy jobber belly!  Against the ropes, in the corners, and center ring, Athena’s skill is no match for the sheer might of the Zodiac Queen!  Multiple knockdowns, corner work, rope work, jabs, uppercuts, combos, body shots, belly punches, and more!  A final blow sends Athena plummeting to the canvas for the final time for the 10-count!  Match, Zodiac Queen!




Length: 12:15

Size: 1.26