“Harley Hamilton!” 23






The might Muscle Queen, Lora Cross has entered the MMW Ring!  Coming off some BIG, and what she considers, “easy” wins over the MMW girls, Lora is confident that the undefeated, Harley Hamilton, will finally meet her demise at her hands!  Harley is hardly impressed with Lora’s record, having bested every woman Lora has, in a much more destructive fashion!  The bell rings and immediately Lora is overpowered and locked in a painful, standing guillotine!  Harley toys with Lora, giving her a wedgie strictly to humiliate the so-called “strong woman”.  Lora is unable to escape and eats a pulverizing forearm across the back that sends her plummeting face-first to the MMW canvas!  Tone set.  The remainder of the contest see’s Harley using Lora as a test dummy, punishing the sexy East Coast gal from pillar to ring-post, feeding her a stiff, pro-style beatdown filled with vicious hair pulling, back breaker, camel clutch, boston crab, surfboard, bow and arrow, body slams, pedigree, stunner, clotheslines, snap mare, splashes, bonzai drop, hammerlocks, schoolgirl pin, bulldog, armbars, wedgies, ass slapping, rope work, corner punishment and more!  A final sleeperhold puts Lora on her back for the leg-hook pin and 3-count!  Victory pose time!  Match, (easily), Harley Hamilton!




Length: 12:58

Size:  1.32 GB