“Stellar Stella!”






Stella Dannyy has entered the MMW Dojo and is here to take on MMW CEO and America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton!  The two have been exchanging words online and now it is finally time to Alex to put up or shut up!  Stella enters as confident as would seem, ready to pummel Alex into a twitching puddle of Jobber!  Alex enters, the two women lock-up, and this match is on!  Alex takes the first shot!  From the lock-up, getting Stella in the corner for a painful belly beatdown!  Stella is a bit stunned, and Alex uses this time to gloat into the camera.  BIG mistake!  With Alex’s back turned, Stella grabs a nice big gob of Alexandria’s thick hair, using it as a jobber handle to send Alex face-first into the corner turnbuckle!  Stella is JUST getting started!  Multiple breast smother brings Alex to her knees!  Scissorholds, hair pulling, snap mare, bearhug, rope work, corner work, belly punches, smothering, camel clutch, pedigree, armbars and more!  A final sleeperhold ends the night for our sexy, red panty clad jobber.  Putting Alex on her back for the finish and victory pose!  Match, Stell Dannyy!




Length: 16:03

Size: 1.63