“Harley Hamilton!” 20







Harley Hamilton returns!  This time it’s poor, naive Vixey who accepts the Undefeated woman’s challenge!  Vixey is strong, confident, and super-tough, but today she faces an opponent like she’s never faced before!  Harley is ruthless, and doesn’t turn down the volume for Vixey aa she punishes her fellow milf from pillar to ring-post with a vicious assault of pro wrestling w/ classic H. Hamilton dirty tactics!  Painful hair pulling, stomps, punches, slams, submissions, and more!  Harley brought her pain game today, and Vixey should have stayed home!  Stunner, pedigree, rope work, corner work, scissorholds, camel clutch, matchbook pin, surfboard, back breakers, low blows, and more!  How much can Vixey take before Harley slaps on that final sleeperhold and leg-hook pin?  Download to find out!



Length: 10:07

Size: 1 GB