“Pantyhose Wrestlers!” 6


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Platinum Fury is back!  The women’s wrestling Phenom, California Muscle Barbie, MMW Boxing Champion, and Undefeated Pantyhose Wrestling Queen!  Platinum is stacking up the W’s, and laying waste to every woman in her path!  Today she has a fierce competitor.  A former MMW Wrestling Champion, Boxing Champion, and Catfight Queen herself,  Ms. Athena Law slips on the nylon to challenge the new girl in town.  Bra’s, thong panties, hair is down, these ladies are ready to fight!  So much action in this hard fought, give-and-take, female fighting war!  Vicious hair pulling, sexy catballing, leg locks, legs locked, scissorholds, bearhugs, wedgies, ground-and-pound, schoolgirl pins, and more!  What a fight!  Which one of these strong women will be the Pantyhose Wrestling Queen today?  Download to find out!




Length: 009:21

Size: 1 GB