“Grudge Match!”







It’s another MMW Boxing INSTANT-CLASSIC as undefeated Dolly Prescott and undefeated Platinum Fury don thong leotards and glove-up to go toe-to-toe in this ULTRA-sexy, give-&-take, MMW war!  Tons of back-&-forth action as the ladies trade jabs, body shots, uppercuts, belly punches, and combos, both looking for the big finish!  Against the ropes, in the corners and center ring the battle rages on with both ladies kissing the canvas in this heated multi-knockdown battle.  I final haymaker lays out the weaker woman for the KO and 10-count!  Which sexy MMW lady will end up under the dominant woman’s victory pose?  Download to find out!


Length: 11:10

Size: 1 GB