“Gotcher’ Nose!” 2






The long awaited second installment of the ‘Gotcher’ Nose’ series is FINALLY here!  Athena Law returns looking for revenge against Alexandria Hamilton, who is a past meeting, destroyed and mangled Athena’s beautiful face with humiliating nose torture!  Athena has not forgotten and is ready to repay Alex for her past deeds.  Alex enters in a gorgeous, matching, cK, thong panty and bra set, pro gear, and her patented smile.  Athena is ready to make Alexandria’s pretty face into a twisted mess!  The bell rings, the women circle each other, they lockup, and the match is on!  As one would think, Athena wastes NO time taking control and immediately implementing her plan!  Vicious hair pulling, humiliation, pro moves, slams, strikes, and submission, ALL with special attention paid to torturing Alexandria’s nose, in turn mangling her gorgeous face!  Piggy noses, nose hooks, squeezed, hits, grinds, stomps, slaps, and more!  Headlocks, camel clutches, chin locks, leg locks, arm locks, this match has everything the ‘jobber vs heel’ fan could ask for!  From Alexandria’s lovely thong panty set, to Athena’s face while she humiliates her opponent!  A final sleeperhold with nose hook ends the night for our phat butt jobber.  Will Alex seek revenge?  Or will a new woman fall victim to a humiliating nose beating?





Length: 19:52

Size: 2 GB