“Ego Crusher!”





Wow! Laney Dawson, the STRONG favorite in this match, just got utterly brutalized in humiliating fashion by a sadistic Andrea Rosu!  Laney considered this match in the bag, but Andrea crushed any dreams Laney had of adding her to her Win record! The two women enter the ring and have only moments to size one another up from their separate corners. Andrea in a red bikini stands across from a silver leotard clad Laney, both get in a final stretch before the bell rings and they lock up. Andrea immediately folds Laney in half with a crippling knee to the stomach, putting Laney in position for a neck wrenching side headlock! Laney is in trouble as Andrea wrenches on her neck like a school yard bully! A big punch puts Laney down, Andrea secures an air tight reverse head scissor, softening up Laney even further for the brutal onslaught of punishment heading her way. Laney is completely outclassed at every turn! Andrea puts the gorgeous blonde down over and over, continually ripping her back up by her long blonde hair, just to further impose her wick will on poor, jobber Laney. Punches, kicks, low blows, stomps, hair pulling, chokes and slams! What a squash match! School girl pins, face sits, reverse schoolgirl pins, pedigrees, face busters, camel clutches, and more! Laney, a wobbling mess crashes to the canvas as Andrea fly’s off the turnbuckles with double hammer fists! Laney lay helpless, locked in Andrea’s leg splitting arm bar, has her hack and neck almost snapped in half with Andrea’s brutal sitting hangman, which she turns in to a vicious, humiliating, hair pull hold! Andrea is in FULL control of Laney, with no chance of Laney mustering up a last minute offense, Andrea pounces! Locking on a vice like hold, sending Laney in to a fading, cross eyed, frantic fit, the shaking only lasts so song before Laney says goodnight. Andrea has had too much fun to just set her foot atop this foe. Laney has earned Andrea’s humiliation bonus, as Andrea folds her into a sexy, inescapeable matchbook pin, strictly to burn and image of complete dominance that Laney will never forget, into her California blonde memory. Laney is releases and her limp legs crash to the canvas, PERFECT position for a victory pose! Match, Andrea Rosu!


Length: 11:50

Size: 1.22 MB