“Dirty Harley!”






Harley Hamilton is back.  Raven Mad has been talking a bit too much, and may be a bit too cocky as she challenges the undefeated Harley to a wrestling match at the MMW Dojo!  Poor Raven, so confident, but her spirit is swiftly crushed as Harley dominates, straight out of the gate!  What a beatdown, what a humiliating, low blow, beatdown!  Pure smash-mouth wrestling and dirty tactics as Harley relentlessly punishes Raven from pillar to ring post, hitting the cocky city girl with a barrage of torment!  Hair pulling, belly punches, low blow-after-low blow, bearhug, splashes, belly punches, guillotine, pedigree and more!  Has Raven learned her lesson?  If not, Harley’s KO finisher, pin and victory pose may make her reconsider her next challenge!  Match, Harley Hamilton!




Length:  11:32

Size:  1.17 GB