“Bow, Bitch!”




Athena Law is convinced another woman has been texting with her boyfriend. She confronts some girls in the MMW dojo, only to find out it is Sugar who has been talking to Athena’s boyfriend! Athena is aware Sugar will most likely beat her ass, but that does not stop her from reluctantly challenging Sugar to a fight. Sugar accepts and enters the ring. Athena throws a punch that is caught by Sugar. Sugar crushes Athena’s hand in her palm, bringing Athena to her knees. The remainder is a total, brutal, humiliating squash match! Athena is utterly pummeled up and down, and all across the canvas, outside the ring on the mats, against the steel ring posts, and face down on the ring apron. Sugar DESTROYS Athena with Punches, kicks, stomps, face busters, pedigrees, belly punches, neck wrenches, wedgies, spanks, hair pulling, camel clutch, eye rakes, sleeperholds, matchbook pins, stunners, bearhugs, back breakers, bow and arrow, corner work, rope work, scissorholds, nerve holds, skull crusher, and TONS more. Athena decimated in painful fashion, ending the night flat on her back under Sugar’s bare foot. Match, Sugar!
Length: 13:53
Size: 1.43 GB