“All Hands On Neck!” 4




Harper Rose makes a painful, humiliating first impression on gorgeous blonde amazon, and self proclaimed “California Queen”, Lizzy Hamilton!  Lizzy laughs at the sight of Harper, referring to her as a “twig girl” before the match starts.  Harper must have taken offense as she enters the ring and feeds Lizzy one of her more humiliating losses, in front of her younger sister and fellow MMW veterans, Lizzy is absolutely laid to waste!   Rookie, Harper obliterates Lizzy, when not ripping her up by her thick blonde hair, or parading her around the ring like a Platinum blonde, PAWG trophy, Harper dominates Lizzy with one lone move.  A sadistic, Tongan grip!  Rendering Lizzy a helpless, panting, gagging, mess of a jobber!  Harper traps Lizzy in the corner, presses her against the ropes, and subdues her in full mount, all the while never taking her grip off of Lizzy’s sexy, exposed throat!  Harper is putting new meaning to the phrase,  “Going for the neck”, as she proves that Lizzy Hamilton is nothing to her!  Overpowering her bigger opponent from opening bell, leaving her flat on her back under her sexy, dominant, victory pose!
Length: 12:58
Size: 1.34 GB