“Beat the Spit Out of Her!” 2





Pt 2. of the “Beat the Spit out of Her!” series. Alex can’t stand how easily she was beaten and KO’d by Athena in their last meeting. It was an ugly loss as Athena dominated Alex, KO’ing her after flat out, beating the spit out of the poor jobber. Both girls are back, and this time they’ve donned bikini’s! So many jabs! So many uppercuts! So many belly punches, throwing Alexandria’s thong clad, round bottom at the MMW camera! So many combos, knock downs! So much spraying and flying out of Alex as her head snaps with each sharp jab and hook from Athena! Such an amazing bout to watch as these girls hop the fences and swing for the faces!


Length: 10:03

Size: 1.03 GB