“Weak CON Belly!”


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Athena Law has Alexandria Hamilton out for a visit.  Alex has been detained at the local jail where she has suffered quite the harassment from Athena.  Unfortunately, today, Athena has been assigned to escort Alex on her visit.  Once they are alone, Athena feeds Alexandria’s belly one of the most humiliating belly beatings ever received as Alex is made to take her entire beatdown in handcuffs!  Alex is placed against the wall where Athena pummels her belly, dragged to the center of the room for more punishment, eventually stripped to her county issued bra and panties to be dominated even more!  Athena finally takes Alex to the couch where Alex lay spread eagle to receive more of Athena’s fists!  DEEP, penetrating punches take the air from Alex as she is reduced to a battered and moaning mess!  Athena puts Alexandria’s County Oranges back and tells her if she tells anybody that the next beating will be even worse!




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