“Together We Fall!”






Agatha Delicious and Platinum Fury have a rough day when they meet Alexandria Hamilton & Sugar in a battle for the MMW Tag Team Championship!  Agatha and Platinum appear a formidable challenge, even striking first and punishing the team of Sugar and Alex, but the tide swiftly turns and in an instant Alex and Sugar take control!  Tons of 1-on-1 and double team action as Alex an Sugar punish the team of Agatha and Platinum with stiff strikes, big slams and painful submissions!  Hair pulling, boston crab, back breaker, bonzai drop, pedigree, camel clutch, outside ring work, corner splashes, body slams, double teaming clothesline and leaps from the turnbuckles!  What a match!  Will Platinum and Agatha pull off a miracle, or will  Sugar and Alex walk away with their Gold Straps?  Download to find out!




Length: 11:03

Size: 1 GB