“The Zodiac Queen!”







The Zodiac Queen has arrived!  Alexandira is in the bathroom getting ready, talking on the phone about the new girl, who she plans on serving a stiff beatdown.  Alex slips out of her sexy, shiny bikini, and into her sexy, wrestling gear!  Today’s attire, bra and panties.  White lace panties, sexy white bra, and pro gear.  Boots, Kneepads, Wrist bands.  Slap on a cute entrance jacket and hat, and it’s time to teach this new girl a lesson!   We are not in the MMW dojo.  Zodiac Queen enters, followed by Alex.  The bell rings, and this match is underway!  Right from the lockup Zodiac Queen takes control, sending a huge knee to Alexandria’s belly and trapping her in a guillotine!  Alex struggles and Zodiac sends a hard forearm to her back, sending America’s BEST Jobber plummeting to the canvas!  Alex was very wrong.  Zodiac spends the duration of the match feeding Alex a humiliating beating packed with vicious hair pulling, big slams, big strikes, and painful submissions!  Guillotine, camel clutch, reverse hair bridge, back breaker, surfboard, bow and arrow, rings of saturn, skull crusher, schoolgirl pin, rope work, corner work, belly punches, pedigree, snap mare, stunner, bonzai drop, corner splashes, hammerlock clutch, bearhug, sleeperhold, reverse bearhug, armbar, steiner recliner, clothesline, and much more!  Alex has no answer for Zodiac Queen’s barrage of punishment.  A final leg hook pin ends the night for Alex, and begins the quest towards MMW Gold for the Zodiac Queen!




Length: 21:24

Size: 2 GB