“The Tustin Stomp!”






MMW Bad Girl, Athena Law picks a fight with the wrong girl when wrestling legend, Kristie Etzold feeds the cocky MILF a stiff, painful pro-style beatdown that reduces Athena to whimpering, ragdolled jobber!  Kristie wastes no time establishing her dominance over Athena, showcasing her superior strength and bringing Athena to her knees in a humiliating test of strength.  Athena finds herself on her hands and knees with her head locked in between Kristie’s powerful legs!  Athena thumps and kicks at the canvas but this just sets the tone for the remainder of this classic squash match!  Grapevine pin, figure 4 scissorhold, low blows, schoolgirl pin, reverse headscissor, biting and leg locks!  Kristie is just getting started!  Rope work, corner work, belly punches, sleeperholds, hairpulling, camel clutch, pedigree, belly claws, full nelson, headlocks, and much much more!  A final KO finisher ends the night for the once-feared, Athena, giving Kristie the leg hook pin and victory pose!  Match, Kristie Etzold!




Length: 15:27

Size: 1.57 GB