“The Stronger Girl!” 4







What a match!  A stiff, punishing intense pro-style back-&-forth between Ultra-PAWG, SuperMILF, and MMW CEO, America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton, and 2-time MMW Boxing Champion and Former MMW Wrestling Champion, local MMW Bad Girl, Athena Law!  These two harbors nothing but animosity for one-another as they launch a full fledge war against eachother filled with dirty tactics, punishing strikes, painful submissions and ring shaking slams!  Hair pulling, rope work, corner work, hammer fists, guillotine, leaps from the turnbuckles, eye gouging, skull crusher, leg locks, pedigree, back breaker, surfboard, test of strength, bow and arrow, pedigree, surfboard, bearhug, faceclaw, schoolgirl pins, scissorholds, chin locks, and more!  Which lady will take the day’s W?  Download to find out!




Length: 21:41

Size: 2.21 GB