Tanya makes her MMW wrestling debut in dynamite fashion as she squares off against MMW CEO Alexandria Hamilton is this classic, one sided, jobber vs heel classic!  Straight from the lockup Tanya doesn’t give Alex a chance to breathe or compose herself before graduating to a new painful hold!  Punches, kicks, knees, stomps, corner work, rope work, hair pulling, pedigree, stunner,  bulldog, choke slam, bearhug, wedgie, camel clutch, snap mare, back breaker, leg splitter, low blows, boston crab, surfboard, bow and arrow, headscissor, matchbook pin, schoolgirl pin, clothesline, guillotine, side headlock, splashes, hair bridge, back breaker hairpull, belly punches, standing chinlock, skull crusher, and much, much more!  Alex is thrown from the ring where the assault continues!  Being punished at the outside ringposts, and grinded into the ring apron before being thrown back in for more punishment.  Against the ropes, in the corners, center ring, and even flying off the turnbuckles, Tanya utterly destroys America’s BEST Jobber in overly convincing fashion.  A final sleeperhold lays out Alex for the leghook pin and victory pose awarding Tanya a 1-0 record in the MMW stats!




Length: 20:45

Size: 1.9 GB