“Tagwondo!” 2





After failing to topple the team of Sugar & Alexandria Hamilton in ‘Tagwondo!”, Platinum Fury returns with a new partner, Vita Von Starr, and this time she plans on walking out as new MMW Tag Team Champions!  Sugar and Alex are unphased and enter the ring full confident they will stand atop Platinum and her fallen partner once-again!  The bell rings and Vita takes early control, using irish-whips and splashes to soften-up Alexandria.  The momentum is short-lived with Sugar entering the ring and evening-out the tide.  The war rages on and the match begins to become a back-&-forth, give-&-take contest!  Bodyslams, bearhugs, snap mares, stomps, headlocks, double-teaming, bulldog, elbow drops from the turnbuckles, boston crabs, hairpulling and more!  Which team will walk out with gold after a final KO, double leg-hook pin and victory pose?  Download to find out!




Length:  07:35

Size:  794 GB