“Strong Desire!” 3






Sushii makes her MMW Boxing debut in a BIG way when she shocks the roster by not only defeating but scoring a multi knockdown KO victory over seasoned striker and MMW CEO, Alexandria Hamilton!  Alex has been chasing boxing gold since 2018.  Though she has held the wrestling title, she seems to never be able to make her way to a title shot for the boxing strap, instead watching fellow locals, Athena Law and Platinum Fury, both achieve championship status!  Alex thinks it is her turn and is on a 5-fight win-streak and believes one more win will cement her spot as #1 Contender!  Sushii steps in as the underdog.  Coming in at catchweight, also giving a height and reach advantage to Alex.  Should be and easy night for Alex, however, Sushii proves to be pulverizer!  The ladies circle and exchange combos.  Sushii connects first, and then again, and then again.  Alex has her hands up, and is countering when she can, but Sushii is winning the significant strikes battle.  Alex catches a hard right and hits the canvas.  It is now apparent that Sushii is a real competitor!  Alex gets to her feet, a bit more cautious, and continues to exchange with Sushii, but again cannot seem to match her strikes and continues to eat shot-after-shot!  Again, Alex goes down, this time a bit slower to get up.  Her hopes of #1 contender start to fade as Sushii continues to serve her thicc opponent an embarrassing beating, feeding her rights and lefts and punishing her sexy soft belly with vicious body shots!  Against the ropes, in the corners and center-ring, Alex gets rocked, over-&-over, jabs, uppercuts, belly punches and more!  Alex is fading and Sushii is in full control laying down a final flurry that has Alexandria’s head snapping and her hair flying!  Alex is stumbling and finally Sushii nails her with a final KO blow that causes Alex to fold and collapse to the canvas, shaking the MMW Ring and Alexandria’s star clad, phat jobber ass!  Sushii counts her out and gets the win.  A humiliating loss for Alex to say the least, and a serious new contender has entered the ranks.  Welcome Ms. Sushii!




Length:  12:52

Size:  1.32 GB