“Stinkface Champions!” 7






Alexandria Hamilton and Andi take on and DESTROY Constance and Athena Law in this 7th installment of the ULTRA-popular, ‘Stinkface Champions’ series!  What were poor Constance and Athen thinking?  Taking on such strong women as Alex and Andi, and with them clad in their thong leotards, Athena and Constance should have known that their fate was sealed, sealed with sexy, humiliating stinkfaces!  From bell-to-bell, Alex and Andi exert immediate dominance, feeding each of their opponents stinkface-after-stinkface, tagging in-&-out, never letting up on the barrage of phat booty punishment!  In the corners, against the ropes, center ring, 1-on-1, 2-on-1, and 2-on-2, the stinkfaces don’t stop until the weaker women are laid out and humiliated on the MMW Canvas, laid out in perfect place for the superior women’s victory pose!  Match, Alex and Andi!




Length:  14:03

Size:  1.44 GB