“Sterling Jobber!”






If you aren’t familiar, when Alexandria wears shiny gear around Athena, Athena cannot help but lay the beating on a little extra thick. (See “Bruiser!”)  Today Alex not only showed up in shiny gear, but made sure to wear a thong just to get Athena’s emotions hot!  The two women lock up, and as expected, Athena destroys her phat butt rival!  Not to say Alex doesn’t get her licks in.  The two lock up and go for a back-and-forth ride featuring all of the pro moves and dirty tactics you could ask for in a good, heated, pro-style, give-and-take match!  Tons of hairpulling, leg locks, half crab, guillotine, arm locks, scissorholds, boston crab, bonzai drop, test of strength, eye gouges, breast mauling, schoolgirl pin, ground-and-pound, clotheslines, low blow’s, hot shots, pedigree, facebuster, chin locks, and more!  A final KO and victory pose end the night for our Sterling jobber!  Match, Athena Law!




Length: 20:40

Size: 2.11 GB