“Shiny Jobber Toy!”







Terra Mizu visits the MMW Ring for the sole purpose of running a stiff, painful squash on America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton!  Terra is all business and takes control straight from the lockup, ripping, pulling, bending, twisting and punishing her sexy phat butt jobber from pillar to ringpost!  Vicious scissorholds, boston crap, grapevine pin, camel clutch, hair pulling, arm bar, standing scissorholds, guillotine, facesitting, schoolgirl pin, sleeprholds, bow and arrow, and plenty of catty trash talk grace this match all the way up to the final KO and victory pose!  Match, the MIghty, Terra Mizu!


Lenth: 13:09

Size: 1.35 GB